Economical, Customizable Bathtub Re-Finishing in Northern Alberta

A major bathroom overhaul can be costly, timely and messy. Hot Rod Tub Refinishing provides the ideal alternative to a complete renovation, giving you the new look you want without the headache. So you can say goodbye to the 1970s burnt umber bathtub and hello to a more modern, refreshed style.

Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing
Aside from our competitive pricing and efficient service, there are many reasons why you should choose re-surfacing over replacing:

It’s economical. Ripping out and replacing an old tub will incur extra costs in labour, tile and floor repair, drywalling and re-plumbing. For hotels and apartment buildings especially, that can add up quickly.

It’s fast. When we refinish on-site, it’s a two-day process. If we take it off-site, it’s returned in only a couple of weeks.

It’s customizable. Provide us with a sample of your paint colour preference and we can match it.

It adds value. A fully restored vintage cast iron tub makes for quite a desirable home feature.

It’s green. Why dump your old tub in a landfill if you could still use it for another decade or longer?

It lasts. If properly cleaned and cared for, the finish can last for more than a decade. Even in ill-maintained rental suites, it will last at least 3 to 6 years.

To top it off, Hot Rod provides free touch-ups if need be, and a one-year warranty against full peeling. Ask about our affordable package price.